World Record Ski Jump 255 Foot Cliff

Everyone knows that skiers, particularly professional skiers, love a good challenge that allows them to push their limits. For many people the challenges with the terrain that skiing offers are as much a part of their skiing experience.

For Jamie Pier, a professional skier, it was no different but his challenge was a little unorthodox. The stakes behind his challenge were also considerably higher. On the snowy peaks of Grand Targhee in Wyoming and accompanied with his skiing friends, Jamie decided to undertake a ski jump from the cliff edge.

What’s the Big Deal?

The ski drop was around 255 feet. Managing to land it would earn Jamie a world record but if anything went wrong, there was the possibility of serious injury as well as death. Jamie’s friends recorded the proposed drop while worrying about his wife and kids.

And Down he goes!

Unfazed by the dangers, Jamie positions himself on the cliff edge and makes the leap. He starts off brilliantly but as his friends watch in horror, the inevitable happens. Jamie jumps in good formation but by time he’s closer to the ground he lands on his back.

Help rushes over to him as quickly as possible but there is tons of snow to push through to Jamie. Luckily, once they reach him and help to get him out of the snow, Jamie is unharmed. He even manages to ski down the snow slope with ease.

Will He Do It Again?

After the dangerous ski drop, in Jamie’s own words, he plans to retire. Attempting the dangerous jump and being able to make a world record ski jump had been something that Jamie had considered doing for quite a while and he is happy he managed to make his dream come true, even if it was for a day or so.

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