The Winter of March 2016 Co Winner Blaine Gallivan


Every skier loves to show their skills and have fun while doing it. A professional skier, having a perfect run and enjoying themselves in the process, is a delightful sight. Couple that with good sportsmanship and you can expect to enjoy the skiing experience as much as the skier.

When it came to the Line of Winter in March 2016, held at Jackson’s Hole. The perfect snow conditions as well as the runs and lines made it the best place.  For the competition to take place. Not only did many skilled skiers participate, there was a very easy criterion for the win: the perfect line was going to get a winner.

Tying for the Win

However, the run had an unexpected turn of events when Blaine Gallivan ended up dropping a perfect line. What this meant was that he tied with Léo Taillefer, another experienced and super skilled skier who ended up having a perfect run too.

With two winners, tying for the perfect line in the Line of Winter, it was definitely a good year for skiers. Many believe that it was a well deserved win for Blaine Gallivan as he goes skiing down the slopes with joy and enthusiasm.

A Joy to Watch

What made Blaine Gallivan’s run so perfect? Take a look at his Go-Pro footage of him skiing down the line. Not only is he executing the perfect lines, he is also having fun and simply enjoying himself. At one point, his Go-Pro camera flips and without any hesitation he simply adjusts it and continues to ski. With no mistakes marring his run, he manages to secure the win for himself. Have a look at Blaine Gallivan’s run for yourself and take a look at his skiing skills.


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