World Record Ski Jump 255 Foot Cliff

 Everyone knows that skiers, particularly professional skiers, love a good challenge that allows them to push their limits. For many people the challenges with the terrain that skiing offers are as much a part of their skiing experience. For … Read More

Skiing Through A Canadian Blizzard

It’s been a relatively mild winter in America so far, but it seems that could all change. FernieAlpineResort in Canada right above Montana wants people to know that it is not mild up north at all. They just had over … Read More

Horse Drawn Skiing Is A Real Thing In Montana

You’ve heard of traditional skiing and water skiing, but what about skijoring? In Montana, skijoring is the popular sport that combines horseback riding and skiing into one epic activity. Gold West Montana demonstrates the one of a kind sport in … Read More

Night Skiing Is The Coolest Skiing

Skiing is fun and all, but it’s nothing compared to night skiing. What exactly is night skiing? A group of skiers donned custom LED light suits, and set up colored lights all over the mountains to create the coolest skiing … Read More

Skier Speeds Down Crack Of Mountain

Red Bull Media House has collaborated with MSP Films to create an epic film about skiing and the skiers who love the high-speed sport. This trailer for the film, Days Of My Youth, shows a skier rushing down the crack … Read More

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